Monday, October 7, 2019

I Am a Messy Crafter

Welcome back to Gal Friday Stamping.....

I have been busy behind the scenes and I am hoping that my blog finds you all well...

I have a confession to make......I am a messy crafter!  When aI sit down at my desk to create just one card, I end up with a little 6x6 square to create on.....just enough room to work on my 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inch

How are you in the crafty room?  Are you neat, tidy and organized?  Or does it look like a bomb exploded while working and when you are done?

Well this week I decided to help myself out a bit with all the bits and pieces of trash that I 
collect...and sometimes deposit on the floor while crafting (hiding my head in shame) creating a little trash box.....I know I could put my trash can under or closer to my work area but boy when I get focused, I need it right under my nose.....

It is just beautiful two sided paper......and I created a chip board container with pearl feet to keep on the corner of my desk for all those bits and pieces.....and than of course I had to add a card with matching paper.....

As always...thank you for following me and in helping me grow my group.



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