Thursday, January 23, 2020

New to Paper Crafting?....Start here!

When it comes to paper crafting, we all were new once and had to start somewhere.  But the question is where?

I don't know about you, but when I open a catalog or go to a crafting supply website it gets a bit overwhelming.  So, let's grab a cup a coffee and talk for a spell while I give you a few things that every paper crafter should start with.

  1. If you want to create cards that are of a higher quality, I would definitely start with a good foundation of card stock.  Sure there is card stock out there in varying prices but I would suggest picking a card stock that when folding does not tear or split at the crease.
  2. Get a quality set of stamp pads.  You definitely need basic black or gray and if you are going to color in the image with an alcohol based marker, you want to use Memento Stamp Pads.  And than depending of what sort of images you are drawn to when you are stamping you will need other colors to bring life to your stamping.
  3. A good set of scissors and/or paper really do not want ragged edges when cutting.  When you do have those paper snips or trimmer dedicate them to your craft room.  And yes it will be a bit overwhelming when you take a look at all the paper trimmers out there but when you are starting out this paper trimmer is light, easy to use and affordable.  It also doubles as a score board!  Two tools for the price of one.....
  4. want to be able to adhere those images you have stamped and layers to that card so a good tape runner is the place to start.  Having something that is Simple, Neat and In -line (snail) is quick, easy and did I mention fun to use!  I also have liquid glue, glue dots and tear & tape for those 3 D projects and for adding embellishments and ribbon.
  5. If you don't want everything to lay flat on the front of your card and want to pop up flowers or embellishments dimensionals are the way to go.  I am a bit partial to SU's dimensionals because they are just the right height so they do not get stuck in the postage machine at the PO ruining a creation you spent so much time creating.
  6. Something else that you should have is protection for your craft table.  We could actually use scrap copy paper or take the risk of getting ink on our table without protection but using grid paper protects and can be used to measure and be more precise when trying to add layers.  It is there right in front of you at all times to jot down notes, measure that piece of ribbon quicker and most of all protect that table top.
Phew....not that bad.  A few essentials and in-expensive items to get you on your way to becoming a paper crafter.

If you are missing any of these things or would like to try something new click the links below.

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Happy crafting my friends!

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