Sunday, February 23, 2020

Gal Friday Stamping New Sunday Secrets Series....

I have been a card maker for several years now and the one question that comes up very often is "Why do I use SU products?"  There are so many choices to choose from and many are very good quality but with SU you just can not beat the coordination of product, trends of products, customer service, quality, and the community. 


For me the coordination of products is a big selling point for me, the product lines take the guess work out of card making.  When purchasing products you are guaranteed that the paper, inks and embellishments will match and coordinate with each other and for a vast number of stamps.  Tell me, have you ever purchased a beautiful piece of designer paper and than tried to match up the perfect card stock only to find that you have nothing to match?  Or that card you created needs a bow and the ribbon that you have are just not the right shade?  That does not happen with SU products.


SU likes to keep everything interesting and new, all year and every year.  Take for example card stock....each year they introduce 5 new In Colors that are fresh and trending....and they are only available for 2 years.  You will notice while shopping that the In Colors SU releases are in all the stores for home decor, outdoor furnishing, clothing and more.  They definitely stay on trend.


SU stands behind their products.  Receive an item that is defective, a snail refill doesn't work, you get a stamp set that just doesn't stamp crisply enough?  They will replace it, no questions asked.  Is the color of your card stock just a bit off?  No worries, the problem can be rectified with one simple phone call.  
They are not afraid to pull a line of product when the quality is not to their liking...and they have also refunded the purchase price of that product when it was not manufactured properly and couldn't be fixed.  Now that is standing behind your products!


Let me ask you, have you ever cut a piece of colored card stock and noticed that the edges of the card stock are white?  Well SU card stock is dyed all the way thru the paper.  Their stamps are high quality rubber....their products are known throughout the industry for their high quality products.

Using whisper white or very vanilla card stock for stamping is a must.  The quality of the images are crisp every time.  Take the time to compare when you have a chance, you will see the results that I see.


When you are part of the SU community, you meet so many interesting people... from employees to demonstrators and customers.  Many of my closest friends were met thru SU.  As a demonstrator myself,  I can honestly say that I matter as a demonstrator and I can share my creative hobby using their products and get rewarded every step of the way.

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