Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday Secrets....

Good morning all my crafty friends!  I am back with another Sunday Secret post.  

I have to be honest, this wasn't the post that I was prepared to create today.  But I was nudged to go in a completely different direction.

I don't know about you but I am having a hard time getting my head screwed on straight since the explosion of this virus.  My life hasn't changed with the closing of the businesses and everyone being advised to stay home,  that is my life normally so what is it that is bothering me to the point that I can not get motivated?

I am only a small cog and the world is falling apart around me.  I worry that if I was to go pick something up from the store I will come in contact with someone that doesn't even know they have this "thing" and bring it home to my husband, so I am limiting my venturing to running out just once a week.

But hey!  We have been through tough times before over the span of history and there have been worse things that others have experienced.  

Here is my concern.....we are distancing ourselves, quarantining and staying hidden from the outside world.  But we are still connected thru internet, the news media, radio broadcasts and watching closely to the breaking news.  Leaving us vulnerable to mental stressors  and all those things that feed off our fear.  Let me just say....

I am guilty of doing all those things and at the same time know that it doesn't have to be that way.  

So starting today, I am going to create a safe space for myself and I suggest that you do the same.

Don't click on the news or check out the latest numbers several times a day.

Take time every day to reach for those crafty items and create.

Learn that card technique you always wanted to try but never had the time.


Turn on your favorite music and escape the madness around us. Take this valuable time we have been given (especially those that are on lock down), to do all those things that you wish you had time to do.  I know we all say it at least once a week...."I wish I had more time to....."  fill in the blank.  Instead of looking at this time as a burden and focusing on the negative aspect on all that is happening, take advantage of this wonderful gift of time.

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