Thursday, April 18, 2019

It is Such a Glorious Day!

Spring has sprung......

and they chores are piling up with not enough time in the day,  even though it is day light savings time.

This morning I walked out the back door and was greeted by a field full of cows....haven’t seen them since last year.  It is so glorious to see the open field filled with beautiful cows grazing with the birds flying overhead.  We have been blessed with robins and cardinals over the last few days....

Have you ever noticed that just before Easter the weather seems to be cool and the sky overcast?  That is the weather here today but who would notice with the wonder of nature all around.

That is why I created the card at the beginning of the celebrate the beautiful farmland surrounding my home.

Happy Easter my friends....

I would love to be able to inspire you with tricks and tips in your card making journey, or just to be there cheering you on when you need someone by your side.....if that is something you are looking for please reach out and please ask to join

Lots of Love


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