Thursday, February 27, 2020

Gosh, I am a Messy Crafter! Upcoming FREE PDF's

Do you struggle with keeping your desk clear when crafting?  Or do you lose things on the desktop and they are sitting right in front of you?  Me too!

Just think of the added time it takes looking for things when you are crafting and it is right there in front of does get a bit frustrating......right?

Well I got on Pinterest and decided to look for a desk caddy that I could create to keep my liquid glue, tear & tape and dimensionals and glue dots...(both inspired by Sally Stamper).   I than discovered a caddy that would hold pens, my bone folder and snail

I am not sure if this will be the perfect solution to my messy desk but it is always nice to know that everything you need is in one place!

Speaking of organizing......

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And if you join my newsletter.....these 2 will be the free pdf's this week and next.

I am struggling to grow as a crafter and it is so important to me right now because my husbands health has been deteriorating lately.

Thank you so much.....


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