Monday, August 24, 2020

Zany Zebra Stamp Set from Stampin' Up!


Welcome back to my Gal Friday craft room.  This weekend was a fun, creative and memory filled experience as I created with this Zany Zebra stamp set.  Come on in and I will tell you why!

Growing up, my parents always made it a point to bring my sister and I to many different places.  We never sat idle on the weekends.  Make no mistake, our family wasn't perfect but we had the opportunity to experience many different activities in our life.  We always went to the the local parades, carnivals, zoo's and adventure parks.  One of the most amazing wonder was always the carousel.  They always featured a colorful array of animals, pictures, lights and most of all music.  You would hear that music wherever you were in the park.  

My dad also loved carousels.  He collected carousels and carousel horses.  I remember these miniature little beauties he loved so much.  And in his memory I created this little version of a carousel.

Three little zany zebra's going round and round to the music.  It is not perfect, but it will fill a special place in my craft room and fill my heart with the memories of my childhood.

I used core board, straws, my glue gun along with the products below.  

One tip that I would like to leave you with before I go....if you are looking to stamp an image in reverse that the Silicone Craft Sheet is the product for you!  I tried many different ways and surfaces to get a nice reversed image and failed many times until I used this mat.

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Have a crafty day!

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