Friday, September 18, 2020

Do You Dress Your Pets?

Happy Friday!  Phew what a week.  My last set of cards for the week is still the Playful Pet showcase.  I have had so much fun creating with these cute guys this week.  I giggled every time I say the sassy cats.  So my question for you dress your pets for the holidays?  Check out these cuties.

These playful pets decided to adorn their heads with antlers as they get ready for the holiday season.  They seem happy enough.

While working on this coming weeks showcase using the Gorgeous Posies stamp set, I noticed that there is a stamp in the collection that are a set of twigs.  My first thought while I was creating am I going to introduce these twigs onto the layer of my card?  When all of a sudden, when I turned to examine the stamp, I noticed that it looked like a set of antlers!  That is when the idea came to me.

Years ago, I use to purchase antlers for my Great Pyrenees.  It was amazing that they would tolerate these antlers on their heads, but they did.  So I decided to add some antlers to these adorable playful pets.  They also seem to not mind them being on the top of their head!  lol

For the inside of the card, I just added a sentiment and a strip of gold, gold twine and Mossy Meadow just to tie the inside of the card to the outside.  The photo of the inside of the card is the inside of the dogs card.  The inside of the cat card is exactly the same but of course horizontal.

Thank you so much for taking the time for visiting me today.  I greatly appreciate you.  As always, your comments and orders are always appreciated.



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  1. These are the cutest cards ever.

    1. Thank you so much Joyce. I will be giving away the PDF tutorial to create this card on my newsletter this week.

  2. Oh thank you thank you for making a PDF. I can't wait. SO cute!!

  3. How do I get the PDF? LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards!! Thanks for sharing them.

    1. You will have to sign up for my newsletter.