Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Announcement at Gal Friday Stamping


By now, those that are following my blog via email may have noticed that there hasn't been anything posted in the last week or so.  Let me tell you why.

There have been posts over the last week.  Every day I try to post to my blog and show you different cards I have made.  Over this past week this blog has gone dark.  That is because I have moved my blog from a .com to a .net and also changed the platform I use.

Looking back I should have created this post before the move but I had gotten so involved in creating the new blog it just slipped my mind.

So if you would like to continue following my work....

Follow me on my new blog    Gal Friday Stamping  You will note that there is not a pop up for my newsletter but you can still sign up for my newsletter  on the right hand side of my new blog.

Join My Group   Gal Friday Stamping

Head over to my YouTube page

Join me on Patreon

Hope to see you follow me on any of the above platforms.

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