Sunday, March 7, 2021

Website and Blog Design for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators

Are you a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator who would like to take your hobby or business to the next level?  Start showing your talent with a beautiful blog.  If you do not know the first thing about setting up a blog, or it is just too overwhelming, You do not want to spend the time researching how to do it yourself?  I can help and remove that frustration.

What is included in this awesome deal?

You will get a Google blog website that is ready to take your hobby/business to the next level.

  • Color palette of your choice.
  • Your own domain name replacing the (if that is what you would like.  Would be a additional yearly cost thru go daddy or another website domain seller.  It is not necessary).
  • Designed blog header.  Colors, name and image of your choice.
  • Links to your Stampin' Up! Store (you must have DBWS)
  • Links to the current catalogs. (which will be changed for you with each new release).
  • Professional tabs across the top of your blog with the information of your choice. Including a special Join My Team link so you can start getting new recruits.
  • Disclaimer section on your blog
  • Special About You Page
  • Host Code widget (to be changed for you every month).
  • Floating Pinterest Pin so you can pin from your blog to your Pinterest account.
We will design your blog together.

The cost for all of this is $200.00 for everything!  That's right.  Go to any IT professional for a quote and the cost would be 3-4 times this amount, and they will not even know what you want the blog for.  I know what you want and need on your blog for your Stampin' Up! business/hobby and I will deliver it links and all.

There is always a waiting list because there is so much interest.  If this interests you, do not delay.  Purchase your dream blog deal today so we can turn your ideas and dreams into a reality!

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